Mar 292020
Free Agent Learning In The Age of Covid 19

I first heard the term Free Agent Learner in 2012 at the inaugural Ed Tech Teacher conference in Boston. Keynote speaker Tony Wagner was speaking on necessity of supporting and promoting the idea of creating Free Agent Learners. If I recall correctly, he felt that Free Agent Learning was the way of the future and […]

Nov 052018
Technology in the classroom - What my numbers say

Years ago, while discussing technology in the classroom with a senior colleague of mine, he proclaimed that, “The best and most transformative piece of education technology I have ever seen in all my years teaching, is the overhead projector!” His reasoning for placing the lowly overhead projector at the pinnacle of the EdTech pyramid was pretty […]

Sep 292016
Is it my imagination or... Educational Technology

Is it my imagination or have things started to stagnate in the world of Educational Technology? The leaps and bounds by which we were moving a few years back seem to have become baby steps. People’s blog post seem to lack the excitement over technology they use to have; Twitter threads seem to just rehash the […]

Apr 082015
EDCI 569 - Major Project Summary

So here we are… At the end of another term and I am suppose to be all the better for it. All enlightened and edumacated and stuff. Unfortunately I don’t really feel as such. This term was a struggle for me both academically and personally. The loss of my mother just prior to Christmas followed by two friends […]

Mar 222015

I was at a dinner party this weekend at a friend’s place. The usual crowd had assembled, mostly friends of friends and acquaintances. We snacked, we chatted; we drank, we chatted; we ate, we chatted and then we went home.  Nothing momentous occurred just a bunch of 40 somethings getting together and talking about their kids, work and […]