Sep 292016
Is it my imagination or... Educational Technology

Is it my imagination or have things started to stagnate in the world of Educational Technology? The leaps and bounds by which we were moving a few years back seem to have become baby steps. People’s blog post seem to lack the excitement over technology they use to have; Twitter threads seem to just rehash the […]

Jan 232016
Christy Clark promises tech training in schools

Finally the British Columbia government is taking the lead in bringing some focus on technology to the classroom. This week’s announcement by Christy Clark was welcome news to those of us who are advocates technology and its use in the classroom. It is a glimmer of hope that technology in education might get some much-needed support and resources. The reality […]

Apr 082015
EDCI 569 - Major Project Summary

So here we are… At the end of another term and I am suppose to be all the better for it. All enlightened and edumacated and stuff. Unfortunately I don’t really feel as such. This term was a struggle for me both academically and personally. The loss of my mother just prior to Christmas followed by two friends […]

Mar 222015

I was at a dinner party this weekend at a friend’s place. The usual crowd had assembled, mostly friends of friends and acquaintances. We snacked, we chatted; we drank, we chatted; we ate, we chatted and then we went home.  Nothing momentous occurred just a bunch of 40 somethings getting together and talking about their kids, work and […]

Mar 072015
A Digital Nation - Bridging the gap

As part of a digital citizenship unit I do in my classes, I show a documentary called Digital Nation. It is a 2010 Front Line production that takes a look at the new “connected generation” and how they are faring in this new wired world. A sign of the times, the February 2, 2010 production […]

Mar 012015
Quantified Self - A sign of the times?

I stumbled upon an app the other day called Instant. It is a nifty little “lifestyle application” that measures your cellphone use by counting the number of unlocks you do through the day, the number of minutes you spend using the device, the number of minutes you spend on each individual application and the number of […]