Welcome to the digital representation of my professional self.

I am employed by West Vancouver School District as a regular run of the mill teacher, where they give me enough lead to try some fun things with technology in the classroom. I Am also what they call a Digital Integration Support Teacher or DIST. Where I get two blocks of time to help teachers integrate technology into their own teaching.

Within this blog you will find opinion and resources, which focus on technology in the classroom. On occasion you may find a rant on other topics, usually surrounding the teaching profession but for the most part, I write about what I know and that is technology.

I do not consider myself a Guru but I am very competent using most digital tools found in emerging Twenty First Century learning environments. I am also well versed in a number of Content Management Systems used for education and to tie it all together, I am working on my Masters of Education Technology.

My Soapbox

My personal view on education as a whole is as follows. We are in the midst of exciting times, moving rapidly toward a Twenty First Century Learning model but there is also a cloud of uncertainty that one cannot ignore. As education races toward a brave new future, the teaching profession itself, is getting the boots laid to it. Try as I may, I cannot see how attacking, vilifying and devaluing the very profession that will carry the education system into the future, is constructive. The logic eludes me.

The irony is that the work that needs to be done, requires enlightened management that supports and facilitates the work of the innovative professionals who will take us into this future. Instead our politicians want to roll back working conditions for teachers to something which resembles more of an 1930’s model then a Twenty First Century one.

There is no doubt these are exciting times in education but it remains to be seen if working conditions will allow us to do what needs to be done.


  1. edtechempowers

    Keith, I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more! Keep up the great/important work you are doing. The greatest thing about this new digital age is that now like-minded educators can network/collaborate and ultimately become a force for positive change. Very, very important to keep doing this – people ARE listening and watching and generally taking notice. We can’t let the uninformed dictate policy so we have to inform them!

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