Narcissists Amoung Us

It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or what cultural, religious or professional group you associate with, there seems to be an overwhelming, Love Yourself At The Expense Of Others sort of attitude running rampant in our society. You can call this relatively new social phenomena what you will and attribute it to any number of things but it can all be summed up with a single word… Narcissism

Now anyone who has been following me for any length of time on my parenting blog, knows by now that I am not big on self serving behavior especially as it pertains to my children. I feel that it is one of the reasons our world is going to hell in a hand basket in rapid fashion and it is all centered around how we have been raising our children for the past 25 years.

To support my rather curmudgeonly and sometimes archaic parenting views, I am always on the look out for publications that reinforce my opinion. To this end, my most recent acquisition is an excellent book called “The Narcissism Epidemic” and I have to say it is fantastic, painting a scary picture of our future if we continue down the self serving road we are on.

Criticized by many, the book hitches it’s thesis on data collected from College Students between 1976 and 2008 and couples it with anecdotal observations about the state of society today.  Although it is a tad dry in the beginning, once you hit the Parenting chapter this book starts to  strike some chords. It is a smart and well reasoned condemnation of  a prevailing notion that we are entitled to feel good about ourselves above all else.

I would recommend that anyone with a pulse and a grade 8 reading level give this book a read. The irony is that, the message within this book, will be lost on those who need to hear it the most.

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