What is more important… The device or the internet connection?

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  1. Brian C. Bailey (@EdTechEmpowers)

    I couldn’t agree more Keith! My connection at work is always slower than my home connection, and occasionally craps out altogether. I’m sure it has something to do with all of the firewalls and security restrictions imposed by IT. I also routinely end up bypassing all of that by creating a local hotspot with my cell and then logging on with my university laptop….which kind of defeats the rationale for having all of IT’s restrictive security in the first place?! Maybe the IT security at all costs mindset needs to be urgently adjusted???

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Brian.

      Firewalls and such do cause issues but those can be adjusted. I know you are at a post secondary institution and I am rather surprised that you have firewall issues that are impeding the flow of digital trafic but at in the high schools we are simply dealing with a lack of capacity.

  2. Barry Lindahl

    The Ferrari is STILL cool sitting in it in the garage, motor off, making shifting noises… Perhaps not… It FEELS cool… Visually not so much… The lack of internet can be anticipated. I’d have the internet or network if working well or have a reasonable facsimile on the hard drive READY when it wasn’t. My Plan B wash board was there waiting. I’d unplug from the network and boot up my stand alone and carry on until the 21st Century decided it was ready to proceed… Which is more important? Neither. Both. If you have got the infrastructure, that’s the big step. The rest are glitches and you have to plan for them and around them.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Barry.

      What you suggest is what most are doing. I have an external drive with everything I need on it and ready to go.

      The frustration lies in the incongruence between what is expected of a “new age teacher” and the inability of those demanding it, to provide the infrastructure with which to meet these expectations.

      Teachers are constantly being criticized for not being current and not using the latest technology in their classrooms. I am ready willing and able but it is hard to do when the Ferrari only has a 2 inch ground clearance and the gravel road I am expected to drive it on has 4 inch deep ruts in it.

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