I’m Doing a Master’s in Ed Tech!

I sold out. I am finally doing a master’s degree. I know, I said I would never do one but here I am, reading and writing and being all academic like. For a guy who barely graduated from high school, I suppose it is something to write home about, so when I call my mom this evening I will tell her the news. The risk is that she keels over in shock that I was accepted into university again, and at 84 that isn’t a good thing.

So why did I do it you ask? What changed your mind? Well I had always refused to do a Master’s degree for the sole purpose of a bump in pay. I needed a higher purpose, a reason that transcended the tawdriness of money and over the past couple of years this blog has provided me with my masters muse.

My goal is to reinforce my reputation of being the voice of reason in the wacky world of Ed Tech, which can sometimes look like a flock of magpies chasing shiny objects. I want to be the wise old crow who rules the Ed Tech aviary.

To kick things off, I offer you my first assignment. Certainly not perfect, there are 3 spelling errors, a verbal error and some of the timing is wee bit off but I refuse to render this thing again. It will however, give you an idea of where I am headed.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0aUJ-HDGkU” title=”Uvic%20TieGrad” width=”400″ height=”300″]


  1. bhallerb

    Keith, your media clip totally resonated with me. I think you’ve very clearly articulated the roadblocks I’m seeing on an ongoing basis. Would love to touch base with you about your project, because I see some major parallels. Part of my job the last three years as Tech Collab teacher in my district is supporting teachers to overcome the very things you touch on, and would love to pick your brain!

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