Education System In Crisis

Our education systems in the western world has come to a crossroads. Some would say crisis but some might say opportunity. Our current situation is not the result of just one factor but the confluence of a number of social, economic and technological changes in our world, which the current education system is simply not designed for.

A Geographer by training, I always look to demographics to explain the fundamental changes in our society. As a born pessimist, I tend to see the problems these changes pose around every turn and as a complete and utter scatter brain (so my wifes says) I find connections between unlike things that make others say “HUH?” With that said, I would like to propose a different view as to why our education system is in crisis or perhaps has come to an excellent opportunity to change.

In the following few posts I will look at a number of factors the Western World and specifically North America are now experiencing which have contributed to the immense pressures we now see on the education system for change.

The following will be looked as agents of unintended consequences for the education system

  • Declining Birth Rates
  • Baby Boomer Retirements
  • Proliferation of information technologies
  • Decline of concrete expectations and consequence for our children

Although I do not expect everyone or perhaps anyone will agree with me but hey, I am just a blogger with some time on my hands.

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