Finally! A Classroom Tablet Fit For Education

I am elated to introduce the single best tablet ever designed for the classroom. Finally we have something that works the way a Classroom Tablet should… I give you the EDUTAB






  • Encased in carbon fiber
  • Godzilla Glass! Like Gorilla Glass but 10 x stronger
  • Water resistant
  • Field study ready
Entire Network Network Capable

  • Each tablet networked the way you want
  • Microsoft & Novell Network Compatible
  • Multi User profile logins from 2 to ∞
  • H Drive accessible
Groups2 Complete File Freedom

  • Up or download files
  • Share files from device to device
  • Move files from device to networked drive
  • Move files from device to cloud
  • Share files between applications
Print (1) Wireless Printing anywhere anytime

  • Print to any shared printer over a Wi-Fi network
wireless WiFi Enabled

  • WiFi Syncing capable with network or desktop
  • Non Proprietary WiFi Projection
Bluetooth Bluetooth

  • Connect keyboard
  • Tether your data enabled phone
  • Connect to other bluetooth enabled devices
google_desktop Google Tools Friendly

  • Google Drive
  • Google +
  • Google Apps for Education
apps Full complement of productivity Apps

  • Document creation
  • Presentation creation
  • Math tools
  • Science tools
  • Reference materials
flash Flash Support

  • Need I say more
Browser Fully Functioning Browser

  • Reduce the need for apps
  • Freedom to roam the web
Video Multi Media Capable

  • Video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Podcast ready
  • YouTube Friendly
preferences_desktop_keyboard Physical Keyboard

  • External keyboard capable
  • Physical attachment
  • Bluetooth connection
1360883378_Library_Black E Reader Ready

  • Multi format capable
  • Annotation capable
  • Read access from Network Drive (required less storage space)

Player Volume

  • Dolby 5.1 output
  • Universal mic input (built in condenser)
camera_video Camera

  • Still & Video ready
  • 8 Mega Pixel
  • Front and back
usbflashcardwithcardreader2 USB & Memory ports

  • Expandable SD memory slot
  • Easy connect micro USB
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Transfer files by drag and drop
  • Great for pushing out network images
1360998829_battery_two_thirds Battery Life

  • 10+ hour battery life
1361003386_money_bag Cost

  • 16G $250
  • 32G $350
  • Institutional lease options
  • Bulk purchase discounts

Cool Eh! And then I woke up.

Device makers have yet to come to grips with what educators need out of a digital device.

I am quite certain that an educator, has never been involved in the design of any tablet on the market today. The utility of the tablet as a classroom device, continues to be more of a function of marketing than design.

The classroom is a flexible, ever-changing and frequently unpredictable place and as such, digital devices need to be able to keep up and roll with the needs of the student and teacher as they arise. The confines of a device’s limitations or lack there of, is the true measure of its value as a learning tool.

A multinational’s vision of what a classroom should look like, matters not. We need to remember, they are selling devices not education. What I have listed above is what I need as a teacher in a dynamic digitally driven classroom. I don’t care about proprietary posturing and protection of trade secrets. Give me something that does what I want it to do, when I want it done. No restrictions, no workarounds, just pure unadulterated classroom utility.

Happy Weekend.

Reader Additions To The Ultimate Tablet

people Multi User Profiles

  • User profiles that are not tied to network
  • Provide different access and rights to groups or individuals
  • Student – Teacher – Parent

Shared by @_valeriei & @KEgilsson

image credit Radix Management
Classroom Management Tools

  • Control and manage a class set of devices
  • Push out content to class simultaneously
  • interact and evaluate with students on the fly

Shared by Michael from Radix classroom management system




  1. Michael

    Something is missing…

    To really make this suite right for the classroom, add a classroom management software that will help put the teacher back in full control.

    It is not enough just to hand out some tablets, you also need the right tools for the teacher.


    1. Post

      Hey Michael, thanks for your comment.

      I like your product and there is certainly a place for such a management system.

      Ultimately, you want your students to be able to self regulate and do what it is they are suppose to do during class time but I can see this product being useful at times, especially when you are pushing out specific content that everyone needs to “consume” at the same time or actively participate in the discussion via digital device.

      I imagined or assumed that much of this would be part of the Networkable feature of the EDUTAB

      Keep up the good work, I will add your idea to the list, please encourage others to join in the conversation.

    2. Nashphil

      See the future, teachers using the management software to augment or replace the projector. Every student seeing what the teacher is.

  2. Michael

    Thanks Krispin,

    Discipline is nice, but it does not contradict the need for knowledge and teacher control of classroom pace. A student hiding behind the tablet screen is not cool…

    You would not build your classroom in the middle of Disneyland and expect your students to be “self regulated” and not distracted… Same with tablets, you can’t expect them to hold the entire world in their hands and not be distracted.

    Know it’s there and available for you as a teacher, do not abuse your power.



  3. Mohit Bhargava

    This may be a pet peeve, but there is a lot to be said for good lesson plan design. I am big advocate of designing to engage, provoke thinking, and situate learning goals in meaningful contexts while supporting that with carefully designed formative assessment that elicits useful data about student misconceptions.

    If we get this right in a digital learning environment, distraction becomes a less urgent issue. Classroom management is really important but I caution against using it as a crutch to gloss over less effective content, sequence and instruction.

    1. Post

      Hey Mohit, thanks for stopping by.

      Yes you are correct about a good lesson and engaging content keeping kids on task but it is also about building a culture of appropriate use. Kids need to be able to self regulate and if teachers are constantly “controlling” access to the tablets that doesn’t really help teach appropriate use.

      I do see a use for a master admin control system but for me it would be more about being able to push out content to kids simultaneously and facilitating interactions similar to Socrative.


  4. Nashphil

    I really like this tool but you cannot forget Pen input or larger screens.
    Handwriting will not die. Math really is better when you write it. Pen input facilitates a paperless classroom.
    Retina display will not meet the brain need for more visual input and it’s bigger than 10 inches. Small keyboards (onscreen or attached) are bad design, splitting a large screen for input is so much better for our wrist and brains (see above).

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