iPads In The Classroom – Screencast update

Ok so here it is. Not so long ago, I promised that I would have an affordable screen cast solution for those who are using iPads in the classroom. Today I am conceeding partial defeat. I am close, very close but not close enough and I need to enlist the help of some smart people.

Here is what I have come up with so far. It may look like a convoluted mess but it makes sense to an abstract thinker like me. From top to bottom is the order in which I have connected everything. At the very bottom of the post is an image to illustrate the whole thing.

  1. iPad to..
  2. HDMI Adapter to…
  3. HDMI To 5 RCA Component AV Converter to
  4. Component Cables to…
  5. Roxio Game Capture Unit splits to...
  6. Lap top and Projection unit
Everything works as it should through to the projection unit. The ipad is mirrored and ready to roll but when I fire up the capture software on my laptop the signal is messed.

I am hoping that someone can figure out if the signal can be cleaned up somehow or tell me if what I am trying to do is just not possible. Once again the signal is clean and flawless through all the conversion units and cabling, it is just messed up when it hits my laptop and I try to do a capture using the proprietary Roxio capture software. This suggests to me that it is either one of or all of the following.

  • Settings issue with my laptop
  • Software issue
  • Video card issue

I believe that the concept I am playing with is valid. There is a product out there called the Epiphan VGA2USB LR frame grabber that does exactly what I am trying to do, just a little more streamlined. Unfortunately it comes in at $799 USD’s, great for institutions but not so great for individual teachers. My idea will come in at about $150 USD’s. All we have to do now, is figure out how to get a clean signal to the laptop so we can capture the mirrored iPad.

I am opening the floor to anyone who can figure the rest out and perhaps as a community we can make this work and benefit from it.

See below What I have done.


  1. Jac

    Looks like you are getting close. I see you are converting the digital signal to analog and then back to digital. Have you tested another source from the roxio device to confirm that it isn’t encoding the signal incorrectly?

    1. Post

      I am no tech geek but I figured that the signal wasn’t getting converted back to digital but then again it makes sense if it is, as it goes to the computer.

      This could be the problem then.

      Like I said in the blog post, the image is great on a projection device or my plasma screen at home, just not within the roxio software interface.

  2. Stephane

    Apple TV?

    We’re contemplating this technology for one of our intermediate classrooms. Sounds like it may be worthwhile, especially if it can connect to an existing projector with HDMI adapter.


    1. Post

      Stephanie, I would say absolutely to using Apple TV. It is great for the purpose presentation in the classroom and people are discovering new and different ways to implement it in the classroom every day and for $100 it really isn’t all that costly.

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