Dec 082013
Between a Grok and a Hard Place - Coding in the Classroom

After 8 months of searching… I think I have found my Coding in the Classroom solution. What I was looking for was a product that gave me a means of some semblance of classroom control but gave the students the flexibility of an open learning environment. I also needed a product that gave me the [...]

Dec 032013

Well course one of the masters has come to a close and without much pomp or circumstance I might add. I am not sure I even feel all that much smarter to tell you the truth but I am guessing that comes after course three or four. So lets see… What did I learn. University [...]

Dec 032013

I picked up a new class this year. Actually I was cajoled into taking a ICT class in exchange for one of my Planning 10′s. “Come on Keith your will be great! Besides you love techy stuff don’t yah?” Although I couldn’t argue the point, it was still a new course and I didn’t really [...]

Nov 292013

I love the little digital world I have built for myself. 1248 tweeps, a handful of blog followers who hang on every word I type and the odd mention in local media. It is enough to make a grown man puff up like a ruffed grouse and do a little cock-a-doodle doo! At the risk [...]

Nov 292013

I love the access I have to quality on demand learning opportunities along with the community of learners that come along with these opportunities. To think that just a scant 5 – 10 years ago, I would have had to pay some serious money to take the face to face version of these courses leaves [...]

Oct 182013
Inquiry Based Learning - Are we just slapping a rubric on life?

This weeks topic for my #tiegrad class was inquiry based learning and how technology can facilitate it. I have to admit, I have not been caught up in this new fangled method of teaching yet. Perhaps it is just because I am just too long in the tooth or that back in the day, inquiry [...]

Oct 042013
Your Ed Tech Brand - Teacher as an influencer.

It would seem a new blogging schedule is starting to emerge. This going to school thing is forcing me to sit down with a glass of Shiraz in hand and hammer out a new blog post every Friday night. Not that I am complaining… I love Shiraz and I love Blogging, so here goes. This [...]