May 072014
3D Printing in my classroom

3D printing in my classroom has taken over my life. I need to go to 3DPA (3D Printing Anonymous) post-haste. Last night was the final straw as I was flopping and flipping about, trying to figure out how I am going to get 30 student 3D print jobs completed before the end of the year. […]

Mar 302014

Well here we are… At the end of another course for another term. I have to say this one was a lot of work but I think I survived but we shall see when the grades come out. This weeks Blog post is supposed to answer the question, “What will future learning environments look like?” […]

Mar 152014

This weeks topic is MOTIVATION or lack there of. I am supposed to answer why and how I stay motivated to be a lifelong learner, specifically as it pertains to this program I am currently in. I suppose I should start with the things that will get me bonus marks which consists of a little […]

Mar 092014
Skills For The 21st Century

Well here we are once again, typing like a fiend on a Sunday night. Shiraz in one hand Macbook in the other, sitting at my dining room table. There is something therapeutic about this combination but I must say, it is hardly a poetic. Before this program is over my goal is to write something […]

Feb 092014
EDCI 335 - A Memorable Learning Experience

This week I have been asked to share a memorable learning experience and based on this weeks readings, explain why it was memorable. The problem is… I don’t remember much about my “learning” back in the day. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, not many ah ha! moments or warm fuzzy revelations carefully engineered by some […]

Feb 022014

What do I want to accomplish? Well I think I need to start at what I think the ideal classroom is like. I would like to create a space that is messy, free of coercion and mistakes are the accepted rule rather than the rare exception. I want a classroom where marks don’t matter and making […]

Jan 232014
Preparing students for the 21st century?

Welcome to this weeks instalment of Questions to Ponder for Learning Design #EDCI 335 This weeks question is:  Are our current schools / teachers / curriculum preparing students for the 21st century? I am going to start off by saying that the problem with this question is that it is a tad misleading. It would suggest […]

Jan 172014
Design Thinking in the K - 12 Classroom

Design Thinking. As hip and happening as I think I am, I had no idea such a thing existed. Sure I knew designers thought but who knew they had a thought process all their own? Now I am told people are trying to apply this kind of thinking to education. No this doesn’t mean you will be […]