Mar 302014

Well here we are… At the end of another course for another term. I have to say this one was a lot of work but I think I survived but we shall see when the grades come out. This weeks Blog post is supposed to answer the question, “What will future learning environments look like?” […]

Mar 152014

This weeks topic is MOTIVATION or lack there of. I am supposed to answer why and how I stay motivated to be a lifelong learner, specifically as it pertains to this program I am currently in. I suppose I should start with the things that will get me bonus marks which consists of a little […]

Mar 092014
Skills For The 21st Century

Well here we are once again, typing like a fiend on a Sunday night. Shiraz in one hand Macbook in the other, sitting at my dining room table. There is something therapeutic about this combination but I must say, it is hardly a poetic. Before this program is over my goal is to write something […]

Feb 092014
EDCI 335 - A Memorable Learning Experience

This week I have been asked to share a memorable learning experience and based on this weeks readings, explain why it was memorable. The problem is… I don’t remember much about my “learning” back in the day. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, not many ah ha! moments or warm fuzzy revelations carefully engineered by some […]

Feb 022014

What do I want to accomplish? Well I think I need to start at what I think the ideal classroom is like. I would like to create a space that is messy, free of coercion and mistakes are the accepted rule rather than the rare exception. I want a classroom where marks don’t matter and making […]

Jan 232014
Preparing students for the 21st century?

Welcome to this weeks instalment of Questions to Ponder for Learning Design #EDCI 335 This weeks question is:  Are our current schools / teachers / curriculum preparing students for the 21st century? I am going to start off by saying that the problem with this question is that it is a tad misleading. It would suggest […]

Jan 172014
Design Thinking in the K - 12 Classroom

Design Thinking. As hip and happening as I think I am, I had no idea such a thing existed. Sure I knew designers thought but who knew they had a thought process all their own? Now I am told people are trying to apply this kind of thinking to education. No this doesn’t mean you will be […]

Jan 122014
What do you want to teach the world and why?

… I know, I know. Who are you and what have you done with that miserable curmudgeon Keith? This is question is definitely not in my Wheel House but it is the first assignment for EDCI 335, so am going to make an attempt to answer this very un Rispinesque question but before I start, I […]