Oil Spill In The Gulf Of Mexico

As we sit and watch this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico unfold, I marvel at the diversity of opinion and attitudes toward what might just turn out to be a world-wide environmental disaster that makes global warming look like a Sunday school picnic. The most incomprehensible of which is the nonchalant “Well if you drive a car then you can’t complain”. It is said with indignity and indifference toward the situation in the gulf, almost as if driving a car makes this disaster an acceptable consequence like smog or traffic jams.

The majority of us however get that what is going on in the gulf is an unmitigated disaster and yet most of us have no idea of just how bad it is.

The irony in all this is that the United States concerns and efforts around oil supply have all been focused abroad for the past 50 years and in the end it is a home-grown disaster perpetrated by a USA “friendly” corporation which just might spell the end to us all.

There is no amount of praying for divine intervention that will fix this one.” We the people” have over stepped our bounds and because of our complicity are going to pay the price for generations to come.

As a wise old geography prof of mine use to say, “We are doing things to this earth for which an engineered solution or counter balance cannot be found. One day, within your lifetime, you will be witness to a manmade disaster so catastrophic; all anyone will be able to do is stand by and watch as Mother Nature gives us a lesson in ultimate power and destruction”

Who knew our greatest enemy was our own arrogance.

But what do I know?!

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