Apr 212010

A friend of mine just released a new important book  that I think all parents should be reading. Check out his promo information below. If you want more information, feel free to visit his site. Kids Guns And The Truth


Thank you for investing the time to learn more about my new book, Kids Guns & the Truth. I have often been asked what inspired me to write it, with one of the most common questions being whether the book developed from a personal tragedy; thankfully it did not. I have not lost a child to firearm violence nor, as the father of two young daughters, do I claim to know all that there is to know in the parenting realm. The impetus to write in fact came from the recognition that gun safety and education resources, as they related to children, simply weren’t available. I sought to develop a book that would provide that missing material. In the end, Kids, Guns & the Truth was born; a book with the ultimate goal of informing and reminding, in a respectful way, what is important when it comes to kids and guns.

In our society there seems to be very little middle ground on the subject of guns. Every person I interviewed for this book from child behaviorists and police officers to, perhaps most importantly, parents, was passionate in his or her opinions about firearms and youth. Some told stories about how firearm violence had changed their lives forever. Others had never seen a real gun and dismissed the fact that a tragedy could ever happen to their family. Despite their backgrounds, all had one common bond: every single person felt that firearm education was critical for the children in their lives.

This book was written for adults on both sides of the debate, with no judgment, in the hope that the subject of guns – love them or hate them – will have a part in conversations with children and youth. Continue reading »